Mirrors.fedoraproject.org | whats wrong with it?

Since a fiew days now i cant open the mirrors anymore. I do get the message:




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Sorry! This service is currently unavailable.

The service that you are trying to access is currently unavailable. Please try refreshing this page in a couple of minutes. If you still see this message, then please follow the steps below:

  1. Check on the status page if there are any known outages for our services.
  2. If it is accessible, please check the how to work with our team document for more information.

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Please file an issue with Fedora infrastructure here:


(The forum is good for discussions, but we must file issues with the different teams on their issue trackers)

Issue #12026: mirrors.fedoraproject.org not working - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io

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The solution is to use an other link (mirrormanager.fedoraproject.org).

zlopez commented 17 minutes ago

I can see it now, there is a wrong redirect. The redirect should be https://mirrormanager.fedoraproject.org/ and instead it’s redirecting you to https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mirrormanager/.

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