Safe to remove podman and qemu?

Hi guys,
Is it safe to remove podman and qemu or do other programs use these?

I usually run containers/virtualbox on another machine


Welcome to Fedora @regulatorg

If you want to explore the simplicity of “Virtual Machine Manager” as a substitution for Virtualbox, you might be glad if you not remove it.

The package of podman is 14MB. So if you delete the package you will save this space, without the need to removing it. Qemu package is just 14k so you not really save a lot.

If you need a slim client I propose you to use the everithing installer ISO to create you a fedora without all this additions fedora comes by default.

There are a lot of other RPMs that are part of qemu right?
I see lots of cpu emulation parts being updated the other day.
Also think there are more parts of podman.

Unless the disk is very small I would not think it worth the trouble to remove.

Yes, I already bricked my system once while not take in consideration that dnf removes quite a lot of dependencies and also week ones. This can give a lot of headache.

Let’s see what the OP tries to achieve … maybe he gives a bit more information why he treys to remove it.

thanks Both,

I guess its an OCD thing where I see 15+ packages relating to podman and qemu getting updated and I think “i dont need that stuff, or its clogging up my dnf logs”

I actually uninstalled podman etc a while ago and it seems something reinstalled it :thinking:

as for qemu, the base package may be 14k but with all those qemu-arm etc it takes up 200mb on disk

I’ll remove qemu and see if I notice any issue or something reinstalls it

and thanks for the welcome, I’ve been using Fedora for 2 years usually complaining about nvidia on r/fedora but have moved off reddit so signed up here to ask the occasional question :smile::wave: