About the @virtualization Group

HI everyone.

I have install the VM group with this command:

dnf install @virtualization

It downloaded like 52MB.

But now when i put:

dnf install qemu

It gives me 87MB of download and 611MB once installed.

So my question would be something like:

If @virtualization group install all the packages that Fedora have to VM.
what are those packages of QEMU?

I guess QEMU is a complete virtualization program and all those packages are all the HW that QEMU can emulate. And if that is the case:

what HW can I emulate with the @virtualization group?

Is this Fedora 32? (updates-testing)

you can see what’s in @virtualization using

dnf groupinfo Virtualization

You should be able to use Gnome Boxes (out of the box) without installing anything on top of default Gnome. However, I am surprised qemu isn’t installed. I would install virt-manager to manage VMs.

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All of those qemu-system-* are emulators for other architectures, but I see no x86_64 listed there. Without looking at it, I’d guess that the virtualization group only installed qemu for your primary architecture (which would be x86_64).


Thank you for the reply.

Gnome boxes, I see what you mean. But I have XFCE 4.14 so I did install Virt-Manager.

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I guess you’re right because I see there the ARM architecture.
I follow this guide and it works.

Funny is that I can’t configure a VM if the .iso file is in my exHDD. But if it is inside the computer, no problem.

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