Qemukvm error

I am new in kvm qemu i want to use it but i can’t it is showing somekind of error is there a good way to start with that in fedora help me i am using gnome box as front end and i will use it so a help towards this issue is really helpful.

you can use virtual manager instead of gnome box. I installed KVM in fedora from this link:

What error?

virt-manager and gnome-boxes have strongly different advantages (and disadvantages). gnome-boxes enables shifting much down to the user level, avoiding much sudo and it does not need much configuration (but does only configure what is essential for a individual machine to work on its own). It is good if you just want to run some virtual machines on themselves without much external interactions and nothing more. virt-manager offers all possibilities of qemu/kvm but you work much more in root/sudo. Some time ago there was already an issue that is partly related: IP address of VMs in gnome-boxes

Both are in the main repo, so feel free to try both. If you let us know your error, we can try to fix it anyway :slight_smile: Maybe also the related logs?

It is actually working but there are error in gnome os. I have deleted that iso i will try it again and this time i will compare the hash.