Podman development workflow

Hi, I am trying to set up some decent workflow because since now I have been either installing all the dependencies on bare metal, which gets messy and toolbox/distrobox is not as isolated as I would like. Podman works nicely, though I cannot really find any legitimate and secure way of making use of podman when developing GUI apps. Is there any way to do that ?

I have tried Vagrant, which was a bit all over the place. But I have not thought about using just virt-manager and associated tools. Could you please explain how would that work ?? If I understand correctly I would manually create the VM then maybe pass the project folder into the VM. Is that the right approach?

Well, I am trying to find some solid way to test GUI apps just as podman is for cli apps. Right now I have python tkinter and yes, although I can just use venv for that, I want to learn some solid way of doing that for any kind of app written in any language.