Rollback to pinned deployment

Hi again,
I was wondering how can I rollback permanently to a stable pinned deployment. I’ve read the documentation and seems to me that I can only rollback permanently to the previous deployment from the latest but not, for example, to the first pinned and created after install.

Is it possible and if so, how?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @paranoidnemo ,
Can you elaborate a bit? Did you actually pin a deployment already? Also if you run rpm-ostree deploy <commit> it should deploy the specific commit. rpm-ostree rollback will only deploy the previous commit, so not a specific pinned commit. Also pinning a commit is done with *sudo* ostree admin pin <commit> which you would determine the commit you want with sudo ostree admin status. Ostree uses the commit number starting with 0 (which is the default booted one) and up. You would pin the number of the commit you want to use. You also can use the rpm-ostree deploy <specific commit> to get you back to the commit you want to use/upgrade from.

ok, so basically I’ve first started the system and pinned the 0 commit (with the command you have specified), now I’ve made more than one modification but the actual commit I’m in is also indicated with 0 (the pinned one is still there in grub boot menu). How Fedora knows to deploy the old 0 commit if i run rpm-ostree deploy 0?

It would be helpful if you posted the output of rpm-ostree status.

So first you have to find the commit you want, which if it is the current commit (number 0 to Ostree) and you do an update and it doesn’t do anything (ie you are still using the same image) it won’t change anything for you. Like @guiltydoggy is asking, a listing of all of our commits to begin with is the best place to start. From there you can then deploy one of your commits (to see if that is the one you want to pin, if not deploy next, etc) then pin it when you find it.