How to pin a previous/the current deployment with rpm-ostree?

I know there was a way to pin a deployment in rpm-ostree, so when updating (and especially when upgrading to Fedora 34 e.g.), you could keep the old system and do not have iot auto-deleted, so you can always revert it.

Because Fedora Silverblue by default auto-deletes after the first 3 bots or so…

How can I do it?

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Ah, I just remembered and if I had read the Silverblue FAQ properly it is alos stated there.

Don’t use rpm-ostree, but ostree!

The command is e.g. (to pin the current deployment):

$ sudo ostree admin pin 0

I always get confused, because I can view the system status with rpm-ostree status [-v] and upgrade etc., but need to do this “low-level” stuff with that other command…