Can't change deployments order, help!

Can’t find a way to make needed deployment as default, i.e with index 0.
Should I manually edit boot entry files for this, or some utility exists?
Found bootctl but it doesn’t work for Silverblue because SB doesn’t honor Boot Spec and doesn’t keep it’s boot entry configs on ESP partition.

Also asked here but still no answer:
Please help!

You should be able to press any key at boot to get the grub menu then select the commit to use there. If you want a good tutorial on Silverblue by the person who created project atomic try here

Thanks for a quick answer @jakfrost!
I know I can select needed deployment in bootloader menu, but I need solution to do it at runtime for a reasons. One of that is I have Bluetooth keyboard which is non-functional at boot time early.
I looked the link but it seems do not have info on the topic.

There is an rpm-ostree rollback command.

It is explained here:

It can change the boot order, but only to boot previous deployment, nothing else.

I don’t know about any other merhod to reorder boot entries.

You use sudo ostree admin deploy <commit> to set the default commit. See ostree admin deploy --help or go here to look at it in greater detail.

sudo ostree admin deploy ...
Tried it, it creates new deployment without my layered packages. Not what I need.

For now, I managed to boot other deployment just by changing boot entry files manually.
Not sure if other solution exists…
Thanks to all anyway!

You’re supposed to tell it a specific deploy you want to be default, it can already exist on your system. Besides layering your packages again is no big deal.

Nah, layering my packages is a big deal by itself. And I don’t want new deployment (it will be created even if I set existing commit).