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Everytime I update or upgrade the rpm-ostree now it deploys the 39.20240706.0 version. And i would like to use the previous 06 version (39.20240606.0) how can i ensure this and that no further updates or installations will switch it back? Is there a way of locking this?

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Here are some Quick Docs for you to look over and the man pages for rpm-ostree:

From my short knowledge of this you would need to pin the commit, and potentially disable updates. I will allow other more versed in rpm-ostree to jump in.

rebasing does not seem a clear solution to me because any update commands will still deploy the latest 39.20240706 version

I was merely suggesting to Pin the commit, I think rebasing is entirely different solution here. Some more experienced Silverblue users will chime in here for sure.

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