Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous

i start my computer & login with my username & password & once am at the overview screen

i go to the aplications menu, click on terminal, type in rpm-ostree status & voila 9 out of 10

times i am told busy…gnome updating OR refresh md OR Initiator: caller :x.xxx

why the super aggressiveness with updates even windows 10 is not so desperate

to shove updates down the throat of my computer?

was the silverblue iso a botched up release that there are these never ending updates

happening daily?

when i visit https://extensions.gnome.org/ i am told :

We cannot detect a running copy of GNOME on this system, so some parts of the interface may be disabled. See our troubleshooting entry for more information.


the 2 reasons i use silverblue is gnome 40 & the minimal gnome install minus the

gnome bloatware but if this is how fedora is i think i made the wrong choice.

1 less user might not matter much but there surely are plenty others who will silently

dump fedora silverblue & eventually silverblue will be history.

get your act together before the silver & the blue both fade away.

am hoping fedora can handle the criticism.

It’s GNOME Software checking for updates after you log in. You can turn off automatic updates in Software preferences if you’d rather perform the update manually right after log in.


Screenshot from 2021-05-13 07-41-15

The “emerging edition” moniker was not chosen arbitrarily.

Perhaps this should be made clearer, but in SB users should expect difficulties and be willing to collaborate on fixing them. I understand your frustration, but angry forum posts with very little information helps nothing. I’m not even sure what kind of answer you would want to this post.


Hello @32and64 ,
And thanks for sharing your bad experience’s. As @nickavem pointed out, it is difficult to know where to begin answering such a post. I am going to chalk it up to venting, sometimes people need to blow off some extra pressure, I get it. But if you could take the time to be a bit more specific about the issues, and if they are really issues then file them against Silverblue’s project on it’s issue tracker at https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues so someone can do something about it (please check to see if your issue was already reported there). Also, for the record, Gnome is a different project, and though Fedora Silverblue has opted to deploy it’s install with Gnome as default DE, issues with it should be directed at https://gitlab.gnome.org/explore/groups. As this Discussion forum is mainly the place for developers to discuss the various Fedora projects, and https://ask.fedoraproject.org/ has been setup as a user discussion area for user support, perhaps someone there could assist, or already has experiences common to yours.
As for the startup, yes Silverblue automatically is setup to check for updates for your installation, which includes flatpaks and your layered packages. As you no doubt can imagine and observe, this seems to create a bandwidth crunch at first startup of the DE, especially on resource sensitive hardware. Like has been pointed out though, is auto update checking can be turned off in Gnome Software, albeit preferences are limited IMO.
Finally, as has been noted in other comments here, Silverblue is an emerging edition and that makes it in some respects prey to similar disruptions as rawhide users exeperience. When you choose to live close to the edge, dealing with issues should be a given.
For my own part and experience with Silverblue, I find it to be quite stable in daily use. Yes, from time to time, something gets borked by an update, but I’m just a rollback away from being able to continue until the fix lands.


Which browser are you using?

In Firefox (packaged in Silverblue) I see this message:

To control GNOME Shell extensions using this site you must install GNOME Shell integration that consists of two parts: browser extension and native host messaging application.
Click here to install browser extension. See wiki page for native host connector installation instructions.

Then after installing this extension I can install extensions from the website.