Silverblue updates from GNOME software could be better

I’m using Silverblue now. :blush:

Today GNOME Software notified me about my 1st update, and I got a little confused.

I was asked to hit the “Download & reboot” button, but given how Silverblue works… Well, TBH I expected at some point just see a notification saying “a new software update was downloaded. Reboot to use it”, without me being asked to actually do anything.

Or at least the button about reboot… Well, it could be just “download” and when finished the notification tells you to reboot.

Well, anything that bothers the user as least as possible, and that it just tells me to reboot whenever I want, not asking me to do it right away… I’m doing stuff, you know, I can’t be rebooting all the time! :laughing:

Depending on time constraints I either run that before doing anything else or after before shutting down for the day.

Though I find it more convenient to just run from a terminal: rpm-ostree upgrade && systemctl reboot

I do the same. It’s just the easiest thing to do :wink:

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