Rergarding New Article IDEA

Summary: How to install Kubernetes Using CRI-O

Description: The purpose of this article would be to describe How to
install kubernetes on FEDORA using CRI-O as a default container
management engine.
The flow of the article would be as follows:

What is CRI-O?
Getting started with CRI-O (with example)
Installing CRI-O
Installing Kubernetes using CRI-O

Looking forward for the approval

+1 Doesn’t look like we’ve ever covered cri-o, so it would be great to have this content

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+1 from me, looking forward to the article

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Just a reminder to editors – once that second +1 comes in, you should make a card for the article, and ensure the contributor is signed up on the Taiga board so the article progress can be managed there.


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Yep. I was going to do that when jakfrost gave it a +1 and then got distracted. I’m catching up on my EOW duties right now, so it’ll have a card shortly.

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@ashutoshbhakare please log in to with your Fedora account and I will add you to the card on the Kanban board.

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@bcotton : Done :slight_smile: I am completely new here, Need your help to understand the entire process. I can see Kanban Board now, should i add a new story. Does new Story is considered as my article. Thanks in Advance

I’ve added you to the card for your article. You can move this to “in progress” when you start to work on it and to “in review” when you’re ready for the editors to take a look. The workflow is described in the documentation.

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Whoops! You actually just set me straight (thankfully) because I didn’t realize that was an EOW thing. I think I may have either (1) stepped in and made cards pre-emptively, or (2) failed to make a card, while EOW’ing. Maybe both! Thanks for responding and sorry for the bother.

Not to get too far afield, but I would say it’s not exclusively an EOW thing. If an editor is the second +1, they can make the card, but the EOW is one who is accountable for it.

My bad, I should have done that at the time since there were two +1’s. I got distracted with something else likely. Maybe a shiny object or a bit of string.