CRI-O Status and Update Plans?

CRI-O is a container runtime available for kubernetes. With Fedora 34, CRI-O became stuck at v 1.20. With Fedora 35, CRI-O is at v 1.19. The CRI-O project has release v 1.21.3 with 1.22 getting close. Is there a plan or schedule for keeping Fedora CRI-O rpms current with the version of kubernetes available in the Fedora repos (v 1.21 at this time for F35)?


Hey Brad, thanks for asking the question. I thought I had correctly updated the cri-o module to include 1.22 and 1.21 but apparently I had not. I am in the process of fixing it now. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks Peter!

Hi Peter

Thanks for getting the cri-o module working again for Fedora. I noticed that Fedora 35 has cri-o 1.22 and older now available which is outstanding. Fedora 34 has cri-o 1.21 and older available. Since Fedora CoreOS is still using the Fedora 34 base, would it be possible to tweak the configuration for F34 and also provide cri-o 1.22? I am moving off of F34 for most uses, but CoreOS will likely not rebase on F35 until after the new year (if I am tracking correctly).