Cri-o on Fedora CoreOS install

Is there a current best practices method to install cri-o on Fedora CoreOS? Support for cri-o and official documentation would be fantastic.

The current official method to install cri-o on Fedora is by using a dnf module, which is apparently discouraged in Fedora CoreOS.

Any info, tips, or updates would be greatly appreciated.

No current good answers right now. If I was going to do this without package layering today I’d probably download the rpms and extract the contents and then slurp them down to the system in /usr/local/bin/ using Ignition. With package layering I’d do something like this.

Thanks. I’ll experiment with some Fedora CoreOS vms.

Before I do, do you have any recommendations for bootstrapping a Kubernetes cluster via kubeadm on Fedora CoreOS with cri-o installed via package layering?

Unfortunately I don’t have any steps for that. I’ve been experimenting with OKD recently and got that working over the past week. I also know people have success with Typhoon.

Someone else might have advice for using kubeadm directly.