CoreOS: Installing modular packages


I’m trying to setup Fcos to run kubernetes, with CRI-O. Some months ago, i got CRI-O working following steps like the ones on this guide (Fedora CoreOS - Basic Kubernetes Setup), but also (just for curiosity) i get the CoreOS Assembler and made my own custom fcos with CRI-O.

I don’t remember what version of FCOS i used then, but at least remember that just enabling fedora modular repos and setting the stream with an /etc/dnf/modules.d file, i got CRI-O with rpm-ostree install cri-o. Right now this isn’t working.

There are changes on rpm-ostree that disabled the access to modules? or some change on fedora repos that disables cri-o (looking through a container, i found that there are no more versions on modular packaages since 1.20, but cri-o is on 1.21)