What is the correct way to upgrade a module in Fedora CoreOS?

Normally, on “normal” Fedora, you would use the dnf module switch-to command to switch version streams, but this command isn’t available on FCOS.

I’m trying to upgrade from CRI-O 1.22 to 1.23, and I’m getting an error when trying to enable the 1.23 module:

# rpm-ostree ex module install cri-o:1.23 
NOTICE: Experimental commands are subject to change.
Inactive requests:
  ethtool (already provided by ethtool-2:5.17-1.fc36.x86_64)
Checking out tree c876d5b... done
Enabled rpm-md repositories: fedora-cisco-openh264 updates fedora fedora-modular updates-modular updates-archive
Importing rpm-md... done
rpm-md repo 'fedora-cisco-openh264' (cached); generated: 2022-04-07T16:52:38Z solvables: 4
rpm-md repo 'updates' (cached); generated: 2022-06-19T00:30:30Z solvables: 13878
rpm-md repo 'fedora' (cached); generated: 2022-05-04T21:16:11Z solvables: 67992
rpm-md repo 'fedora-modular' (cached); generated: 2022-05-04T21:12:01Z solvables: 825
rpm-md repo 'updates-modular' (cached); generated: 2022-06-14T02:11:42Z solvables: 1155
rpm-md repo 'updates-archive' (cached); generated: 2022-06-19T00:49:55Z solvables: 15129
error: Installing modules: Problems appeared for module install request:
  - Cannot enable module 'cri-o' stream '1.23': State of module already modified
  - Unable to resolve argument 'cri-o:1.23'

I’m not sure how to resolve this so I can upgrade?

I’m currently running Fedora CoreOS 36.20220522.3.0