Rendering text in Gnome Text

I’m running Silverblue 36

In Gnome Text, the dash (-) is rendered as an ugly box

In Emacs it’s fine

Is this a bug ?

What am I supposed to do about it ?

Post screenshot?

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I’m posting on imgur because ask.fedoraproject didnt allow me to post a picture

It’s a line in my .emacs.d(init.el file

is it enough ?

this one is a whole window, on a source file from Guile (module/srfi/srfi-1.scm )

Look at the first line

Works fine here.

Which fonts are you using?

Maybe he is using different fonts on emacs and gnome-text-editor.

Noto Sans Hebrew 18

what’s wrong with that ?

I moved to Source Code Pro 18 and it works fine

I don’t understand

One font is not rendered properly and the other is. Should be reported as a bug on that failing font.

It seems apparent that something actually within the font file is improperly formatted for this version of gnome. (or that the editor is reading it incorrectly)