How to disable some fonts in Fedora Silverblue?

There is a long list of fonts that I do not need in the list of Fedora Silverblue. I understand that these fonts are installed on the system. However I would like to disable some of them so that the lists of fonts are not soon cumbersome in my software. Is there a way to do this? I have tried the add-on Simple Font Manager but cannot get it to work past the selecting the directory stage. Gnome font viewer provides no way of deleting or disabling fonts.
Online I have found only information about adding fonts. Is there any way to disable any of the fonts on the system list (apart from those manually added)? Thank you for any help.

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"GNOME Software" support for rpm-ostree
(...)  These are things that could be classified as system extensions:  fonts, language support, shell extensions, etc.  On a Silverblue system, the direct replacement is to use the rpm-ostree layering capability to add such packages to the OS image. (...)

    – Gnome Blogs, April 3 2019, by mclasen.

  Hi.  Probably such packages can be deleted, or the custom ones could be created.  It's an immutable (and modular) OS, after all.
  PS:  If one can create "an muting package, to mount it on top of the other"?
  PSPS:  Original text's source uses a double spacing after “., great!