Fonts in Fedora Silverblue

How do fonts work in Fedora Silverblue? I’ve installed some through the fonts app and want to make some changes. I am guessing the app copies the files in to /var/something.

It doesn’t look like you can delete/uninstall the fonts through the app.

I’ve switched my system language/region to japanese to help me learn the language, and I have a number of japanese fonts installed. It seems to have picked one of them (an ugly one) to make the default font for japanese text, and in some apps with poor integration (zoom, vscode) the english text is also in this font.

It’s possible to choose a default font, but is it possible to choose a default japanese font? (or give a list of fonts in order of preference for the system to fallback on)

Alternatively, it doesn’t look like it is possible to uninstall fonts through the fonts app. How do I uninstall fonts?

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I don’t know how to fix your specific issue but Fedora Silverblue is Fedora so the documentation to setup fonts should apply too. If it says to use dnf install, you can simply replace that with rpm-ostree install and most things should work the same.

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Another option is to put fonts in .local/share/fonts.

Personally I keep my fonts in Git/LFS like so: .local/share/fonts · master · Björn Lindström / dotfiles · GitLab


Thanks for this!

What I don’t understand though is, I didn’t install the fonts using rpm-ostree install. I just double clicked the font and used the font app (in my head it copied the font file somewhere?).

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Through the software centre, I installed an app called “Font Tweak Tool” that seems to do exactly what I’d want, and it doesn’t work. Hmm…

I wonder where fonts are stored by default and if I can just delete the offending files…

The source of the “Fonts Tweak Tool” is, whereas all the preinstalled apps are pulled from, which is an indicator that it is a container delivered from the container-registery.
System-near apps are included in an image, that is delivered by rpm-ostree.
At least that’s my understanding.

Edit: there is an article about the fonts tweak tool here, maybe the folders are named here:

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Hello @myself ,
In Gnome software under Addons you will find the fonts for the system.

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In this situation, I’d suggest:

rpm-ostree install langpacks-ja

that gives you the Fedora view of what fonts should be installed for Japanese localization, and should match up with the configuration of default fonts.

It looks like this package is already installed.

Either it was there by default, or more likely that when you change the region the associated langauge pack updates.