Removing gnome-software on fedora Silverblue

Is it safe to remove gnome software from a silverblue install?
like running the command
rpm-ostree override remove gnome-software gnome-software-rpm-ostree
Will it compromise the system in any way?

What are you trying to do with that, why do you want to remove Gnome? Silverblue is a Gnome distro so removing Gnome will leave you with, I guess, nothing. How to move on from there?

If you don’t like Gnome then pick another variant that suits your desired starting point to system nirvana. As @jandemus notes, Silverblue is Fedora Atomic based on Gnome. It will likely cause you nothing but grief to go down the road of trying to alter it as it is built. You would better use your efforts in trying to understand how to declare your own Atomic system and go that route I would think.

If you’re removing gnome-software.
AFAIK, You would have to do manually do updates for rpm-ostree and flatpaks.

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If you dont like GNOME, try The KDE Plasma desktop, in an immutable fashion | The Fedora Project.

I think the question should be phrased differently : “I want to replace Gnome with < some-desktop >, how do I uninstall gnome safely and install < some-desktop >” because if you remove gnome, you are effectively looking at a tty prompt.

There are other spins of immutable distros if you are not interested in Gnome, but removing Gnome to install something else can be a nightmare to maintain down the line. Here are some of the other Immutable variants.

A KDE and Sway variant.

I meant gnome software the software store in gnome…

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Gnome-software not gnome software

gnome-software The Software Center , is crucial to updating the system especially on Gnome + ostree style system. What do you intend to replace it with? Maybe install the package you want and have it alongside Software Center?

Better question:

  1. What’s the issue with Software Center?
  2. Are you merely experimenting with other solutions?
  3. What features are an issue maybe we can work around?

Well, it’s sort of an integral part of Gnome I thought. The Sway variant and the KDE variant of Fedora Atomic don’t use Gnome-software.

It could make sense for you to look into Fedora base image, if you can use native container feature of rpm-ostree, the Atomic Fedora variants are based on it, see here:

Direct link to the container images:

But I cannot say anything about the stability or support of that images, because I am not involved in the project unfortunately.

If your intention is to have Fedora without any DE or build your own DE that currently has no official variant for it. It maybe a starting point.

I remove gnome-software-rpm-ostree on all my systems and images and it works great.

You just need to set rpm-ostreed.conf to AutomaticUpdatePolicy=stage so updates are applied automatically instead of through gnome-software.

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Either that or remember to run rpm-ostree update manually every once in a while

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