Silverblue + Ostree Native Containers + dconf

Hi all,

I’ve been playing with customizing my workstation (Silverblue) via an OCI image (repo here). It all worked great until I wanted to include custom GNOME settings (like GNOME terminal font). I tried to do it via dconf but this requires dbus and running it during container build is at least hacky (if possible at all). I couldn’t find any straightforward way of altering the dconf db directly. Another way that could work is if rpm-ostree upgrade could execute any custom post-install scripts (declared in the OCI Image) - not sure if there is such a feature? Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks.

You can run anything you’d like on bootup via a systemd unit.

Hi @siosm,

Doesn’t it require enabling it via systemctl enable? I think I can’t do that in a container.

EDIT: Actually I can run enable. It was failing because I had --now that tried to start it in the container. I’ll give it a try then.