Whats's with the new poor font rendering in GTK4?

Note: I wasn’t certain if this would be a better fit for here or discussion.

All the GTK4 apps have poor font rendering by default in F36. And even using this fix it is still not as good as the old subpixel rendering enabled in GNOME Tweaks. I’m on a 14" 1920*1200 display, so I’m not on some dinosaur either.

This issue makes it seem like the GNOME devs are purposefully supporting HiDPi first, which is ok, but I can bet only represents a small fraction of Fedora’s users. Perhaps I am missing something in the programming and rendering jargon, but this just seems like such a strange decision to make.

The default font rendering.

Font rendering with the above fix.

Look at 0 degrees = 0 degrees to see the most significant difference



If I am not misunderstanding, I think it would be reasonable for F36 to have this option enabled by default. I understand Fedora attempts to stay as close to upstream GNOME as possible, but this is the kind of issue, that if I were a new Fedora user, I would instantly just turn it off and go back to what I was using before. And were it to make it to a final release, it would upset many long-time users expecting a certain level of polish.

Again, I am no expert, and perhaps I am missing some considerable factor behind this decision. I also understand how much easier it is to rant about changes than actually implement them. But if someone could just help point me in the right direction for properly proposing these changes, or just explaining to me what’s going on here, that would be great.

Fedora 36 is still in beta (just released as beta).
Your complaint seems valid and may be fixed if you were to file a bug against it with that specific issue.

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That’s the problem. Upstream has called this a “non-bug”. And I wouldn’t even be sure what component to file this against.

The existing RHBZ report did not pick up much steam for the same reasons: 1943794 – GTK4 font rendering quality worse than GTK3

That particular bug report was for GTK 4 font rendering, but you are showing the differences between two fonts.

It may be the font itself and not GTK.

These are the same fonts. Just one with the default rendering and one with the “Low DPI” (1080p :man_facepalming:) fix that I’m proposing be implemented by default in some way.

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I guess you can make this request to the Fedora Desktop or Workstation teams which manage the Gnome package sets. Fedora usually follows upstream quite closely, so I don’t know what they’ll do finally, but it’s certainly worth talking to them about it.


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Bug report: Issue #295: Improve GTK4 font rendering by default for 1080p displays. - fedora-workstation - Pagure.io