Recommended way to create a bootable USB for Fedora 34

To install Fedora 34 Workstation in my desktop, I would like to download and burn the iso image of Fedora 34 Workstation to my USB. What is the recommended way to do this ?

In the past, I have used Rufus for this.

In my laptop, I have both Fedora 34 and Windows 10 installed (dual boot). So, I can use a Windows based or Linux based tool for this.

I am not using this to install the “Live” version of Fedora Workstation. I just want a full install in my desktop

You can use Fedora Media Writer - which is available under Linux, Windows and macOS .


The “Live” version is our preferred way to launch the installer – you boot into that environment, where you can see that your hardware works and everything, and from there (easily) run the installer and do the full desktop install.