Seven simple steps do create a boot USB Stick | Fedora Media Writer

Hello docs writers … i gave it a second go … but I am disappointed that i could not do as I wanted :disappointed_relieved:

That I do not loose my work I will post the Images here for the part I tried to change.

I tried to change the link from to Fedora Workstation | The Fedora Project to download the Fedora Media Writer (scrolling down) select OS.

Create in seven simple steps a boot USB Stick for Fedora Workstation:

Select “Download automatically” and proceed with click on “Next”
If the ISO file already exist in the “Download” folder the Fedora Media Writer will use the existing ISO file to proceed. “Delete download after writing” is interesting to select when there is missing memory space.

Select “Official Editions” and proceed with “Next”.

Select the "Version, Hardware Architecture, USB Drive and proceed with “Download & Write”




Click on “Finish” and restart your system from you new written USB Stick.

I was a bit shocked today seeing that we still post links with oldest images from the FMW:


Considering user journey, a right place for docs could be on the new download page Fedora Workstation | The Fedora Project

Insert the blue button;

  • Option 1: redirect to QuickDocs installation page or workstation user docs
  • Option 2: insert a quick tutorial video

@pboy what do you think?

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Hello likelinux. Many thanks for your work. I would have liked to see this article revised months ago. You are now filling a really urgent gap.

Question is why you can’t upload your changes. What exactly did you try?

Another consideration is whether we first take a quick, but rather unconventional way, and you simply send me the changed adoc file by mail, and possibly the images. That way we could together quickly achieve success. And then can resolve your possibility for an upload.

I see that this is a blog post from 2016. As a blog post, it refers to the text and situation from then and is not updated. One would not update a newspaper article from 2016, either. However, it is indispensable to keep our current documentation up to date.

I see you wrote about a virtual network bridge and connecting to a VM. Perhaps you would like to contribute your knowledge to our Fedora Server documentation?

Oh, I saw your post too late, I was writing my answer. But you were quicker :slight_smile:

Our original intention was to keep such parts of the documentation that refer to several editions or variants also common pages. And the Media Writer is needed for all editions and variants. The current place would therefore be correct.

Quick Docs would be an alternative. But actually we want to focus on short how-tos there.

What I mean is to insert blue button right on the media writer section in the middle.

Fedora 38 is go. From Tuesday we will have a completely new design.

Beyond “Help” there are direct links now. What do you think about that?

‘Help’ shows a myriad of links to navigate. Unfortunately, for first time users, it is not helpful to find Fedora Media Writer. FMW is an anchor to onboard new users, who prefer graphical tools to commands. @nikodunk is it too late to list FMW on the landing page?

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Both Ideas are great! I would just add a sentence more on the Website

Download Fedora Workstation 37

We’re so glad you’ve decided to give Fedora Workstation a try. We know you’ll love it.
New: Check the seven simple steps to test your hardware with a Fedora Live USB Media.

  1. Searching where the Fedora Media Writer is documented (search field)
  2. In a second browser window I logged into fedora · GitLab
  3. I chosen rawhide to edit by clicking on the “Edit this Page” button.
  4. It opened this document on gitlab and changed to F38 branch.
    I tried to edit by clicking “Open in Web IDE” and it worked.
  5. I missed a preview where I could see and test my changes.
  6. After testing more than a hour i gave up and wrote the topic here.

I was thinking once again this is just a small change and I will do it quickly.

It looks like that I made a “Commit & Push” what made a fork I guess. I was asked if I want to make a new branch or if I like to fork into F38. I chosen F38.

So far this what I made was today, just try to change the links where to download, pointing to the new website.

I typed in the Search Field “Fedora Media Writer” and choose the first hit

What I meant was the navigation bar on top right before users start to hit keyword on search window. I know people are prone to search first, but we also expect another user behavior to click nav bar or click on button.

I opened issue ticket for the button.

All other items - we need to schedule or prioritize.


[Edited and added below]

What you are trying to change below is landing page, which cannot be edited in Web IDE.

You need to request access to the fedora-websites-3.0 repo. From the link here, you can make new contributor request.

Documentation on Fedora Media Writer already exists, so I wonder what material changes you want to make on the docs page you searched.

  • Does your change simplify current documentation?
  • Does it remove any ambiguities?

I can’t be sure seven steps actually are regarded as ‘simple’. We need to be cautious of subjective terms in technical user documentation.

This is true, it just refers to screenshots who changed already long ago. People get confused seeing old pictures in manuals.

My intention was to kick off with new pictures and change the links to the new domain

Here they are:
GitHub - ilikelinux69/Fedora-Media-Writer: How to get and use the Fedora Media Writer

Thanks for sharing illustration and support. Not sure how to manage versioned doc and branch for Fedora User Doc. Leave it with me and find out how.

To be in line with style guide and iight theme of screenshot used in docs, I could retake screenshot with F38 (rather than beta) in light theme and update the page.

@pboy Pushing the change (latest images) to F37 branch will work fine? If that’s okay, I can help.

Thanks for opening a ticket. It’s done!

Yes please, push it. I have to make a final revision of the pages tomorrow to make it ready for f38 - unless someone else did it magically.

Fedora Workstation | The Fedora Project Changes are up!

I made MR here, pushed to main. @pboy Could you approve it and rebase the F38 branch before the release?

I used Web IDE to upload images and change image macro.

I only replaced four images in the existing text because the structure of paragraphs was complex and I didn’t want it to look dismantled.

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I am relieved to know that it was not only due to my lack of knowledge regarding documentation.
And sorry @hankuoffroad I not wanted to give you additional work. My intention was to help.

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Happy to help. No need to be sorry. I wanted to have a go with versioned doc like Fedora user docs.

I know Docs team are striving to apply consistent style guide, but we do see the opposite. I tend to follow the latest AsciiDoc template without indentation or special characters used as spacer. This is not a rule documented as style guide, but more of conventions.

I got lost here (and was busy with other obligations). Please, could someone summarize the current status here? Generating a boot medium is still a hot topic.