Seven simple steps do create a boot USB Stick | Fedora Media Writer

I give it a try.

I wanted to actualize the screenshots to the newest version of the Fedora-Media-Writer (inkl. new url’s). Unfortunately I was not able because the old version of the documentation was to complex just to switch the pictures (and also of missing knowledge and user rights for gitlab).

Beside delivering the wrong kind of picture (dark theme), there was also not necessary to integrate seven steps because of the “as it is” from the actual documentation. So @hankuoffroad was so kind and made the new screenshots and integrated it to the existing documentation.

As it was very short before releasing F38 and the new Website, @nikodunk was also so kind and adapted the Workstation page with the media-writer section to fit to the new domain name including the link to the Linux download. He also made it clear, that is very simple to create boot medium with the media-writer.

In my opinion it looks ver good as it is now for the new content and the new website.

For users who just navigate to the spins, labs and the other versions there it would be great, to have beside the download iso file button, also a link/comet who points it out that the Media-Writer is supper easy to create/download a boot iso and create a boot medium.

I mean giving the option just to download the iso (for users who use it in virtual environments, and the other option to point out to make a boot medium wit MW, without necessity to download the iso separately. If not on the new website, we just could include this in the documentation, as the link to it is available in the Workstation section.

I not gave up to help with the documentation. It is just to much to memorize all this steps needed to do a quite simple task. If it is ok for the doc team, I would concentrate for the moment on screenshots/pictures as needed for this change we made here.

I only have one suggestion because of the existing screenshots changes we made here. The media-manager window looks a bit lost without the borders. I suggest that we also replace them in a future update and present them with a frame.

Ok, I will give this a try. Just have a doubt if I can access with the Fedora account or if I use a private git-lab account. I do have one. This is the basic one I do have.

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You need to link your existing GitLab account to FAS.

The original image has borders. I didn’t realize the borders are gone.

I don’t know how to add the borders as it wasn’t documented in the contributor guide. You’re welcome to improve it. Little bit of extra lines for image macro is all we need. I hope it is not eye sore :slight_smile:

The impetus for my question was (and is) whether the text is now so up-to-date that we can include it, for example, in the general Fedora documentation, specifically Getting Started :: Fedora Docs

When we created these articles, I was urged to withdraw an article about Media Writer because it was considered outdated. I hope we can fix that now.

No need to withdraw the article.

The section on 'writing the ISO image to the ISO media was updated - text and image on 15 April 2023.

I’m a frequent user of Fedora Media Writer. I also monitor feedback on Ask about FMW and help out. The documentation can’t be perfect, so Ask is there to deal with any unexpected questions.

OK, as soon as I can spend some time next week I’ll check the current state of the Fedora Linux Docs page and then come back how to include it in that piece of documentation.