How to install Fedora on intel nuc (without hard-disk and memory)

I want use a SSD removed from a Mac-book. Could someone tell me whether ISO file or Fedora Media Writer I should download ? many thanks.

Depends on what you want…but in any case you need a working computer to create a bootable Live or Netinstall USB drive (or burn a DVD)

Media Writer is a software that creates a bootable USB drive (based on the iso linked below). That’s an easy solution because the software runs on Windows and MacOS.

Here you’ll find further documentation: Preparing for Installation :: Fedora Docs

OR you just download the iso and use other software to create a bootable USB. Hints are under Preparing for Installation :: Fedora Docs

However, you need memory (RAM) - otherwise the OS won’t be able to boot.

thank you so much. media writer seems a good way for me