Write iso image

Is it possible to burn an iso image onto usb stich using live Fedora Cinnamon? I have searched the menu for USB and image and format, but no results.

It’s called Fedora Media Writer aka mediawriter (the package name).
Maybe you could install it if it is not included in the live ISO.

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Thank you. It’s not in the live. I dont know if packages can be installed in a Live session. There doesn’t seem to be a Software Manager.

I have never done it with a Fedora ISO but on some others you could install on the live ISO.
It won’t stay on the ISO though after you shutdown.

Use the terminal: sudo dnf install mediawriter.

I am a quite new Fedora user. I am sorry if I am wrong.

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Mediawriter is also for Windows and MacOS available:

I have run the KDE version and Media Player is already there.
Thanks for your help anyway.

Sorry, I meant Media Writer.
I tried Cinnamon again, Media Writer is not in the live version and I get an error when I try to get it through terminal.
No worries, I’m sure I will get it ok if I install the distro.

From a live session, use can use


to write the image to usb.



to identify your usb drive

see Creating and using a live installation image :: Fedora Docs

The package name is mediawriter and installed using dnf install mediawriter
Once installed it should provide a desktop icon to launch or can be started from a terminal with the command sudo mediawriter