Rear Speaker not working

Hello there,
I’m on Fedora 36, I recently upgraded my pc, from an old i7-870 to ryzen 5 5600, I have an Asus prime b450-plus motherboard. My problem is that front speaker work but the rear ones don’t… I can confirm that on Windows everything works fine…
How can I fix that?

Hi - do the front and rear speakers show up in your Settings > Sound > Output Devices section as different devices, by chance?

Thank you for your reply, I confirm that they show up as different devices:
In the screenshot below (sorry but it is in Italian…) “Cuffie analogiche” are my headphones plugged to the front panel of my pc and “Linea di uscita” are my speaker plugged into the rear one, Fedora is able to detect when they are plugged in, but there is no audio coming out from them…


What’s the sound port configuration on the back of the mother board?

You may want to install pavucontrol and look at the profiles for your card.

On the back of the motherboard I have 3 connectors (the classic pink, green and blue) and I plugged my speaker to the green one at the centre.

Essentially what should I look in pavucontrol?

There is a configuration tab on the left that should have your sound card and then profiles listed.
Try switching through the profiles to see if any of them work.


I just tried but none of them works…

Sorry if you’ve already tried this, does it work if you unplug the headphones from the front?

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Thank you for your time, if I unplug the headphones I can hear from the rear speaker, I didn’t tried that before ;)… So I can you use this trick as a workaround… do you know if in this condition there is a permanent solution?

Finally solved!
I used Alsamixer from terminal and I disabled auto-mute