Front left and right speakers (5.1) not working

Since about halfway F33 my audio stopped working correctly. I suppose it’s a kernel thing, but not sure. When I boot a F32 live USB then everything works fine. So the hardware is not at fault.

I was hoping that F34 would fix it somehow, because it now uses PipeWire for audio instead of PulseAudio or something? But the same error persists and my front left and right speakers don’t work.

I tried the usual stuff, alsamixer and pavucontrol. These usually fixed issues for me, but no update of the past month fixed it so far. So I’m reaching out to the community. I’m now using Analogue Stereo Output to have at least balanced sound, in that setup my rear left, right and front center speaker only work.

Do you also experience these issues?

Here is my system info:

I also tried the 5.12 kernel, but that didn’t fix it.

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A fresh reinstall fixed the issue :slight_smile:

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