Messed up 5.1 speakers

I use HDMI output with 5.1 speakers.

A few days ago I noticed that my configuration changed. This may have occurred after the PipeWire update.
Some speakers are playing not their sound:

[speaker] > [sound].
FL → “Front Left”
FC → “Rear Left”
FR → “Front Right”
RL → “Front Center”
RR → “SUbwoofer”
SU → “Rear Right”

I’m not sure whether to assume it’s a PipeWire bug and wait for the next update, or get down to setting it up myself.
I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to unscramble it to get it right again.

Where can I check the settings responsible for routing the audio stream to the correct speaker?

Topic outdated.
The problem has been solved after today’s PipeWire update - now all speakers play sound correctly.