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I found a list of basic and silverblue specific test cases in this QA issue comment.

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Thanks @cmurf,
I’ll go there after Fedora Nest!

Just out of curiosity, would there be any reason why I was unapproved to Join Fedora QA?

Not that I can think of? Maybe post an introduction email to test@ list and ask to be approved.

I thought I did that, but I can try for sure. Thanks.

I don’t see it. This list:

Also it can take a bit to get approved - the requests get approved in bulk only periodically, and then everyone gets invited to an on-boarding session to get a tour of QA scope and tools. The only thing I can think of off hand that being added to the FAS group does is you get some extra bugzilla privileges that help with triaging bugs - reassign things, and change status. 99.9% of QA stuff happens on test@ list and #fedora-qa channel; and then weekly meeting (QA) and blocker review (QA + release engineering +development). And of course you don’t need to be in the FAS group to join the list or participate in meetings and blocker review.

Between releases there are long quiet periods, responses can be delayed, weekly meetings get cancelled. It’s about to start getting busy though. This will be a very full cycle, 63 changes!

I got approved for the list (just now after adding my GPG key to my FAS account). I need to introduce myself and am writing that now in fact. Thanks for checking.
[Edit] Introduction sent!