How do I get approved in a Group?

Hi there,

I joined some groups here at Fedora, but I am still in the status “not approved”. Well, that doesn’t sound nice, so I’d like to change it. How can i do this? or is patience the magic key?


Hello @jphilipp,

I will check into it for you, but have you any particular groups in mind?

I think this is not enough :

You can join to any group via FAS group but you need some step for accomplish your task:

  1. You’ve had to decide where you would like to contribute according with your skills.
  2. Join to any Fedora Mailing list to the proper Group and Introduce yourself.
  3. If you feel lost you can contact Fedora Join SIG -> where_to_start_come_hang_out_with_us



thanx for the answer. I already joined the QA and the l18 mailing list and introduced myself a few months ago, but Nothing further happened.



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I have also applied to l10n and cvsl10n groups and am not approved yet.

Hi Ersen,

glad to see that I am not the only one. :wink:

Take care,


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