Quick Docs Contributors Guide

I’ve written a 1st cut of a QD contributors guide. I decided to publish it directly. That way it is easier to comment on and even in this incomplete state it may be useful for the currently ongoing review and update of the QD articles.

The concept is inspired by


As discussed on our IRC meeting, the article is now part of the site navigation and “really” published. Looking forward for comments and ideas.

Could we consider the following items?

It is more to do with self-serve and orientation before contributors dip their toes into QuickDocs.

  • How to monitor issue in QuickDocs Pagure repo and self-assign issue ticket to contribute
  • Set priority and labels: What priority tasks are there?
  • New priority tasks: How to get involved with them?
  • PR best practice: (for new and adventurous writers) how to resolve merge conflict and so on (pro tips)
  • How to use built-in editor in Pagure for quick edit
  • Conventions: Commit message, subdirectory for images, file name, annotate images in a clear manner

I’ve already self-assigned QD issue #518, so I’ll work alongside @pboy and other contributors as co-authors.