Docs contributor guide updated

Hi folks, Docs team is pleased to announce that assorted Docs contributors guides have been made up to date on March 22. Please click the links below and share your feedback.

Quick Docs contributor guide

GitLab repo contributor guide

How to use Docsbuilder script for live preview

Vale linter for docs quality check

AsciiDoc cheat sheet for Docs

Style guides

Special thanks to @pboy @darknao @alanbowman @copperi @py0xc3 @ankursinha @anthonymcglone @glb @siosm being co-authors, mentors, reviewers and approvers, who wear many hats and shadow each other’s work and contributions.


@hankuoffroad Thanks for taking care! I wish I could have supported a
little more. Looking forward to be back soon.

For Quick Docs repo in Pagure, the guide is commented out in menu definition (nav.adoc) and outdated.

//** xref:contributing-docs/use-file-edit-if.adoc[How to profoundly use Pagure (permanent members)]

File name suggests direct file edit, but we need to focus on PR/MR process as a standard.

I opened a few pull requests entirely in Pagure web user interface without use of terminal just like a recent GitLab repo contributor guide. Switching back and forth between terminal and web browser just for light edit appears unnecessary inconvenience.

Please let me know if we need an update on pull request process with Pagure UI. Something more descriptive and probably visual guide with screen recording.

Will be back in April.