Docs meeting agenda: 2022-08-10

I am opening the thread a bit in advance: I just merged the adjusted workflow into the merge request, feel free to discuss/comment/approve. Unfortunately, I do not know if I can make it on time tomorrow, but if I cannot, I will review the recording and adjust if something comes up. The MR also contains the 7-step HowTo, but I think there had been no further issues with it? (@darknao let me know once you made a change about the buttons and such. Then I will adjust the HowTo images correspondingly.)
The MR: Adding pages about "Docs workflow organization" and "7-step HowTo" (!7) · Merge requests · fedora / Fedora Docs / Community and Tools Documentation / Documentation Contributors Guide · GitLab
Contained 7-step HowTo: modules/contributing/pages/7step-howto.adoc · main · py0xc3 / Documentation Contributors Guide · GitLab
Contained Workflow page: modules/contributing/pages/docs-workflow.adoc · main · py0xc3 / Documentation Contributors Guide · GitLab

Feel free to let me know if I shall cut something down (or expand?).

Is there something specific you want to discuss about this in the meeting? We’ve had quite a bit of synchronous and asynchronous discussion, so I’m not sure how much is left to talk about.

In the end, it is just the question if the drafts are fine so that we can merge them.

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Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-08-10T18:30:00Z in #fedora-meeting-1

  • Action item review
    • @pboy to update the team page regarding board and members
    • @py0xc3 to prepare the GitLab dashboard for the workflow
    • @py0xc3 to add the workflow docs to the team docs
    • @py0xc3 to add the “7-step howto” (focused on GitLab, but with links to GitHub and Pagure docs) to the contributing docs\
  • GitLab status check
  • Workflow and howto MR
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I just updated the team index page, now including the boards. Please have a look and suggest improvements or corrections.


Full logs: