Docs meeting agenda: 2022-10-26

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-10-26T18:30:00Z in #fedora-meeting-1:

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Just to find out if it makes sense on GitLab-based Docs pages to place the button we discussed some time ago :slight_smile:

We should review the current state of the new variant-oriented page(s) and decide whether we want to go online with it with Release 37 (probably next Tuesday).

My opinion: The text is not yet optimal, but better than what we currently have (specifically the completely outdated installation guide). We should go online with it, and then improve it step by step.

I mostly agree on that. I just think we should avoid something that can be interpreted as “lessons not learned” message. So, preferably publish no information rather than false information. Therefore, I think we have to manage the issue around the two sections “Fedora Downloads” and “Preparing Boot Media” in advance, even if we use a “coming soon” page or so. Or maybe we can implement some alternative until then. We should not forget that “re-launching” automatically leads to an “initial perception” of “what has changed?”. Besides that, absolutely!

A new MR that should be reviewed by someone who knows about the plans and ongoings around the release notes:

I guess it makes sense to process that before a gitlab rebase will no longer work.

Minutes and full logs are available.


  • We agreed to publish the new home page and variant-oriented docs in their current state for F37 release.
    Note that since the release is delayed, we will continue to improve it until the actual release date.


  • pboy to test run the new builder script on Mac
  • pboy to make final changes on stg before Friday
  • darknao to prepare publication for F37 release
  • darknao to add the 7steps how-to guide link to the production site

Sorry, I’just doing some “housekeeping”. What is the status here? According to the ticket, it is resolved? Can we close it?

It’s not. I usually try to give a chance to the MR owner to process the review and make the relevant changes.
If after a few weeks there is no answer, then we can choose to close it or fix it ourselves.

No, the proposal of @darknao has not yet been implemented. After that, I guess we can merge it.

@ilikelinux just in case you need some help with gitlab or if you have questions or so, let us know :wink:

Well, we should shortly discuss it on our net meeting, I think.

@pboy I added it to the agenda: Docs meeting agenda: 2022-11-02