Docs meeting agenda: 2022-11-02

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-11-02T18:30:00Z in #fedora-meeting-1:

No tickets or MR on GitLab flagged for the meeting. No tickets/MR overdue.


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Minutes and full logs are available.




  • pboy to test run the new builder script on Mac

A suggestion to discuss in the next meeting or in a topic if there is wider interest → the idea of @hankuoffroad :

Vale in GitLab: Documentation testing | GitLab

I’m not sure if it is easily possible to set this up in our gitlab environment, but I thought it is worth to highlight that idea.

Vale CLI (COPR repository) installation in a local machine appears a way to start with.

sudo dnf copr enable mczernek/vale && sudo dnf install vale

I’m tinkering in Toolbox for now to get familiar with Vale CLI.

See upstream docs here.

I will test it with the current Web-UI drafts. That could indeed help to easily & quickly get texts more comprehensible.

I’ve played with .vale.ini configuration file using base style guide as suggested in this Quick Start guide. ‘RedHat Documentation Style Guide’ is one of them.

Vale is more than spell checker. I’m tempted to get familiarized with vale.

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