Docs meeting agenda: 2022-05-04

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-05-04T18:30:00Z. Several issues are tagged for the meeting, but they’re all GitLab-related.

  • Announcements
  • Previous action items
    • @bcotton to create docs-fp-o issues for repos to migrate to GitLab
    • @darknao to merge the websites PR that adds Docs visibility
    • @pboy to schedule office hours for the content plan
  • GitLab migration
  • Backlog grooming
  • Open floor

If you have anything else to add to the agenda, please reply to this thread!

Thanks for covering the second half of the meeting, @darknao!

Minutes and full logs are available on Meetbot.

Action items

  • pboy to schedule office hours for the content plan (blocked until the release date is finalized)

Well, F36 release is no May 10, we wanted to wait 14 days until the big storm has settled. So we could start with May 25. We agreed to use “Office hours”. I take it as FPgM office hour, but obviously once there also was a doc’s office hour, at least a long time ago. What kind of office hour we want to use? If it is FPgM, we might choose May 25, either 13:00 UTC or 20:00 UTC. Both would be fine for me.

As a preparation, it might be useful to create an issue with a detailed description so anybody can read it (hopefully) in advance. What about the PoC demo, do we want to use my commtalk address for the wider public, too, or do we want to create a demo area on Fedora resource (which may be the question to darknao, if we have the resource/storage and if he can spend the work, of if he would better work on something else, e.g. repo migration or CI).

What do you think?

We should use dedicated office hours sessions for this. There’s no relation between this and the program management office hours except that I happen to be involved with both.

As for the demo, either one works from my perspective.

How about using your fedorapeople space to host your demo?

Great idea! I’ll try that.

I did some recherche on Fedora Office hours, but didn’t find any procedure, regularities, or recommendations… Several teams have office hours, but all as a regular recurring appointment.

How do we want to proceed?

Do we just set a separate date and invite editions and spins to it?
In this case Wednesday May 25 1700 UTC would be a suitable date.

Or do we arrange one of our meetings as an office hour and invite to it?
Our meeting on May 25 would then be ideal.

Or do we want to agitate the editions and spins first and then “doodle” an office hour?
I think that’s a bit much effort. We should do that when we get a great response.

I’d say set a separate date or two and invite folks to it. We can repurpose one of our meetings if you want to, but we should probably have a session earlier in the day (or a different day) for people who can’t make the one time.

Ultimately, do it however it works for you. There are no community-wide standards for how to conduct office hours.