Docs meeting agenda: 2022-11-30

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-11-30T19:30:00Z in #fedora-meeting-1:

Minutes and full logs are available.


We agreed to bring back the administration guide for F37 while we look to replace it properly.


  • darknao to document the use of Vale for doc writers
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  • 1 topic I missed today is;

In contributor guide repo (create local writing environment), I made a suggestion to merge three sub pages into one.

Could I ask someone to read what I’ve written so far and ask for help with editing for technical accuracy?

I have run through the steps a few times. I’m ‘sold’ with the workflow overall (working with repo offline until git push), but I got stuck often. Thanks!

I’ll walk through it end of this week.

Just so you know I’m revising the section on fork and branching following feedback from @alanbowman and testing the process over next days.

Acid test for the workflow might be whether it works if someone just steps through them without much impediment. Of course, the workflow can vary depending on writer’s preference and toolchain/technology choice. So it is not intended to be doctrinal.

Edited: Confirmed the commits to my fork of Contributors Guide repo. Could someone have a look at my merge request?

I added a few comments. Let me know if they’re not in the right place.

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Thanks. Inline comments in the commits were easy to step through and make necessary changes. I pushed the commits to my fork.

I’m trying to catch up right now. Wouldn’t it be time to incorporate these changes into stg?

As I recall from the Docs workflow, no intermittent step to stg is recommended. Please let me know if I am confused with something else.

The “stg” branch shall not be used for content/texts. You should work in dedicated forks/branches, which are just for the one issue you are working on, or commit directly to “main” if that is appropriate in the given case: in any case, the outcome of efforts should go directly to the “main” branch without “stg” in between.

I pushed the commits to my fork (origin/main) and made a merge request for review.

I didn’t know how to consolidate sub pages, so I left it to merge request for help.

@anthonymcglone I confess git rebase is not on my tool belt, to be honest.

Could you kindly add your edited workflow and confirm the commits? I need input from reviewers and editors. Thanks.

Yes, I remember. How do we achieve progress here? Who does the next steps?

How do we achieve progress here? Who does the next steps?

My reply edited for better readability overall and next steps in sequence.

I exchanged feedback through a few different ways as I go along. I’m at stage 3. Great if you could have a look at my merge request and comment if you have any objections.

Stage 1. Make comments to the issue ticket

Stage 2. Add inline comments in the commits after I first pushed the commit to my fork.

Stage 3. Resolve issues raised by reviewers in my merge request