PSA: Upgrade your Macs immediately

You might want to upgrade all your Macs now

Posting here since Asahi users by necessity have macOS installed.

The Citizen Lab found zero-click, zero-day exploits known to be used by NSO (Pegasus) for Apple products.

Ugh. That means I have to boot into macOS. That can wait until next month, or next year :smile:

Well, as long as you don’t boot into it you’re fine :wink:

But when you do you better enable lockdown mode then upgrade before doing anything else

Apple’s announcement for macOS: About the security content of macOS Ventura 13.5.2 - Apple Support

Reminder that, in general, macOS updates do not affect Asahi and it is safe to update macOS.

Also just to be clear, this vulnerability only affects you if you use iMessage in macOS. If you don’t (e.g. if you only have a minimal macOS behind with no iCloud stuff set up and use Asahi as your primary OS, or if you don’t boot into macOS at all), then there isn’t much to worry about.