ℹ️ Sonoma bug update

Apple have deployed another partial fix for the problem in macOS 14.2 beta 4. While this still does not fix the problem entirely, it does eliminate all scenarios that could affect the normal Asahi Linux install process.

Since this is still a beta, we do not recommend upgrading unnecessarily at this time. We will update the installer so that the small fraction of users which would not be otherwise able to install are instructed to update to the beta.

Once 14.2 final is released, we will ban installs from the 13.6-14.2beta3 version range. Users within that range will have to upgrade to 14.2 to install.

There still remain multiboot scenarios with multiple macOS installs where users’ machines could become unbootable and require DFU recovery. This does not affect Asahi Linux directly in any way. We do not know whether they have any plans for a correct fix that can boot every OS, but it no longer affects installation or usage of Asahi Linux in any significant way*, so we are considering this issue resolved on our side.

* It is possible for Apple’s own Boot Picker to cease working in some of these scenarios. If you are stuck booting Asahi Linux due to this issue, install asahi-bless and use that to switch boot OS, instead of Apple’s Boot Picker. This can only happen for users with macOS installs in the 13.6-14.2beta3 version range.