⚠️ Important Sonoma bug update

In response to Apple’s haphazard interim band-aid fix for the Sonoma bug (in macOS 14.1.1), which actually makes things more silently dangerous for users as it makes it impossible for us to detect the dangerous situation, we are blocking installs on machines with Sonoma System Firmware and pre-Sonoma System Recovery. This is the critical combination that leaves your machine without a way to recover if the bug occurs during installation (which is entirely a problem in Apple’s code, and has nothing to do with Asahi Linux itself).

At this time, we do not know of any way to update System Recovery other than doing a DFU Revive. Until Apple either forces an update or fixes the bug properly, users with affected machines will not be able to install Asahi Linux. Sorry. We tried.

The installer will let you know if your machine is affected and refuse installation.


Good idea :+1:

It’s unfortunate that I was planning to migrate my Asahi Arch to Fedora Remix and was hindered by this restriction.
Now I have to stay in place.
Hopefully, Apple will improve it soon.