Update on the macOS Sonoma ProMotion Bug

More information about the macOS Sonoma ProMotion bug here.

We have updated the Asahi Installer with safeguards to prevent ending up in a stuck state, and we have updated m1n1 (our bootloader) to work around the problem if it occurs. In addition, asahi-nvram has been updated to work with current Asahi installs, which should allow users to switch OSes without relying on recoveryOS.

At this time, we believe that new and existing Asahi users are no longer at risk (under all reasonable circumstances*).

If you wind up stuck on Asahi Linux and unable to switch back to macOS via the Boot Picker due to this issue, please let us know and we can help you use the asahi-nvram tool to get back to macOS.

The bug continues to leave systems in an unsafe state, and 13.6(.1) continues to make systems unbootable when ProMotion is off. We still don’t recommend upgrading to Sonoma if you can help it, but these problems are now squarely in Apple’s court. Installing Asahi or having it installed should, at this point, not introduce any additional danger over the upgrade itself.

* You could sabotage yourself by turning ProMotion on, running the installer (so it lets you through, warning you to never turn it off), then turning it off again midway through the install… but then I think it’s fair to say that one’s on you.


asahi-bless is the tool to switch the startup disk but the version currently in fedora doesn’t support the nvram format used by macOS 13(.5) and later.

Yes, the package hasn’t been updated yet. If anyone else runs into this, they can build from source at this time (it should be easy with cargo). We’ll get the package updated soon :slight_smile:

There are updates in Bodhi for the new asahi-bless version now: