Printer automatically added with incorrect driver; gets re-added/reset after rebooting

Printer: Samsung M2835DW

When Fedora 35 Workstation detects this printer on the network, it automatically adds this entry to “Printers” in GNOME Settings:

By default, attempting to use this printer results in an endless stream mostly-blank sheets with a few nonsense symbols being printed. When I attempt to change the print driver from “Samsung M283x Series” to “Samsung M283x Series PXL” using “Select from Database…” in GNOME Settings, the driver setting appears to automatically change back after rebooting.

My current workaround is to add the same printer again, resulting in two “printers,” one of which actually allows me to select the correct driver:

I like that the printer is automatically detected and added to “Printers,” but I would appreciate it if a working driver was used by default.

There are other posts addressing this problem … please search a bit more.

Is this an older printer ?

There are other posts addressing this problem … please search a bit more.

The most similar post I could find (which I did look at before asking) was this one, but it’s been closed without really being resolved (the answer marked “solution” looks like what I’m currently doing), and I still wish to discuss the issue I’m experiencing.

Is this an older printer?

I believe it’s about 4 years old, based on the age of the driver package available on HP’s website.

See here please:

Yes, I’ve seen that thread as well, but it’s also not quite the same thing. For one thing, this issue was also present in Fedora 34; for another, the default driver setting for my printer does not work as well as the default driver described in the post works for that printer.

I suppose my goal here is to bring up that the defaults for the printer I’m using could be better. Is this not a good place to discuss improvements like that?

Of course we can discuss this here.
I just try to share what i realized, since F35 came out, that the print driver problems got much more.

Before we discuss a new problem it is always good to check if there is a solution already.

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FYI, Non-functional, physically not existing printers listed; reappears after deletion (#829) · Issues · GNOME / Settings · GitLab

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Issue #829 does look very similar to what is happening on my system, although it sounds like both a working printer and non-working one appear automatically in that case.