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I bought a laptop from Laptop Met Linux for my son a while ago. It came with a choice of OS all pre-installed. Of course, I opted for Fedora :classic_smiley:.

As the name suggests it’s a Dutch company. But they do ship internationally. If you are in :eu: it’s an excellent alternative to Lenovo, which I found difficult to gather information from. Lenovo’s site is just difficult to navigate.

I’m not affiliated in any way, but I’d like to mention that they offer some customization features, like engraving, which I haven’t come across anywhere else yet.

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Just a thought of line to consider:

pre-installed is different from compatible

That is: hardware that comes pre-installed with (a) Linux will run with (that) Linux but is not necessarily Linux compatible.

Example 1: I almost ordered a Tuxedo laptop until I realised that their fans and thermal control (for the model I wanted) work with their special demon only. Now, I’m sure they are a great little company with nice people, but the barebones they use are not necessarily Linux-compatible. They make their own Linux distro work on that hardware, and especially their element/npm-based software is love-it-or-hate-it.

Example 2: Lenovo takes a different, longer and harder route: upstreaming resp. making hardware Linux-compatible in firmware (lvfs) until they can certify a platform as Linux-compatible.

Yes, I would have preferred tux keys etc., and certain Lenovo hardware is “affordable” only during black week. And I’m sure you can be happy with Tuxedo’s or whoever’s offering, too. Just be sure to know whom and what you depend on for compatibility.

(X1 Gen 9 here, no affiliation)

That is correct, that’s why I just listed Lenovo for the moment, and also the models listed on the NEST 22 presentation. i just listed for hardware issues. Even if there are also models listed where are not official certified, the way to find drivers/firmware alias not available over (lvfs) is over the Linux page. Right?

I was thinking it might be a good Idea to make the wiki on second position and on first position of the topic we will make a disclaimer for each Section.

Within in the last two years we had a forum user who claimed :

By the way - I understand now that this is a community and someone had mentioned before that i’m not “owed” anything.
The reality is, I am. My lady bought a $1,400 laptop from Lenovo that’s built on Linux with support and the OS is Fedora. When I call Lenovo, they bounce me in a million different directions then tell me to go to Fedora.
As an operating system that has typically been community drive, non-profit oriented - I understand that you feel you don’t “owe” anyone.
When someone buys a main-stream product for over $1,000 and it has your operating system on it, well then the narrative has changed and that may be something that the board will have to address b/c the reality is, one can go to prison for stealing a computer that’s worth $500 and that’s considered a federal crime. If I stole a computer w/ Fedora on it - I’d go to federal prison for both stealing the computer AND Fedora.
When my operating system on a computer that costed nearly 3x that amount isn’t working, I consider that a pretty big deal and if I’m pushed away by the manufacturer and sent to the OS creators - well then I think it’s time for the creators to realize that they’re now mainstream and it might not be ideal - but it’s the reality of the situation.

It is really ugly to deal with such kind of arguments.

But in the other hands, the user has to know if he buys a system with opensource software, he buys the hardware with maximum compatibility.

He not pays for any service and missing knowledge. If he is not able to maintain his system because of leak of knowledge, it is up to him buy this service with an IT Professional who has it the knowledge.

Dell xps also have linux variant.

Dell XPS Laptops - Dell Laptops | Dell USA

Unfortunately you can not select Linux/Fedora as an OS opening the link above. Dell has a sufficient big budged to advertise for them selves. I recommend not put such links.

I guess the idea of this list is to easily find alternatives to the big hardware providers.

Same thing for HP, you can not select Linux as OS. Or you have to dig deep. Links to their page not really help.