What happened to fedora on lenovo laptops

I’m just curious. 2 years ago laptops were sold with fedora preinstalled. Now i can’t see any info.

Is it still a thing?

For an official answer go to How to Install Linux | Operating Systems | Lenovo US
where you will find

How to Install Linux
You’ve heard about the Linux operating system. But have you tried it on your PC? It’s easy to do – in many cases, you don’t even have to remove the Microsoft Windows OS you’re using now. And Linux is virtually cost-free. So what are you waiting for?

Sure, you can buy Lenovo laptops and Lenovo desktops with Linux pre-installed. If that’s too big a step, however, trying Linux on your current PC – or an older system you no longer use – is a great way to explore its features and decide if Linux is for you.

which has links to laptops and desktops with the option to select linux.

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It’s still there — but Lenovo hit a lot of supply chain issues. We hope to have some new models soon. For now, from the links Jeff provided, The X1 Carbon generation 10 is the currently-available option.