Power Mode and updates needing a power down not a restart

It seems like too many updates are breaking. The Power Mode appears to be broken yet again like HDMI vs hardware sound drivers, copy / paste. Fedora 39 worked very well. 40 is turning out to be a real stinker.

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Added tech-talk and removed audio, f39

Hello @dogcat ,
I moved this post since it isn’t a request for help with an issue, merely a rant. If you want help with a specific problem you are having, then please try to be specific and in the interest of good community spirit, please refrain from needless ranting. (Note I said needless, I don’t mind them when they’re useful). As for “breakage” :fedora: has a pretty solid track record that stretches back a long way. Most problems come at the user configuration level TBH.

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The good thing is you aren’t forced to upgrade to F40 at least until F41 comes out. I installed it, got some issues, went back to F39.
A bit annoying but in my own language there is a saying “not all the doughnuts come out of the oven with the hole in the middle”.

Besides, my own issues were not due to Fedora itself, some libraries got updated and that made some bugs in some applications that used those libraries to show up so that the application developers had to patch them and the package maintainers had to push the updates.

Sometimes I think to go back to Debian.
That doesn’t change for years.
Problem is it works also in reverse, when you get some issue, it doesn’t get fixed for years, you are stuck with it, unless you want to hack your system with backports and alike.
It gets even worse when you consider “new” versions of Debian are already outdated when they are released.

It is difficult to find the perfect combination.