F37 to F39 upgrade

Hi everyone.

After successful upgrade from 37 to 39 this afternoon I want to thank Fedora Project team and everyone involved for another good delivery. Yes, I’m a bit late to the party :slight_smile: , but the machine is my “work horse” so I couldn’t risk dealing with first week’s issues (other machines in the house are already running F39 for some time already).

I’m also feeling like I also contributed to this success a little bit by having Linux-friendly HW (custom built PC, AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600X × 12, Intel® Arc™ A750 Graphics (DG2)) :smiley: This is what I also recommend to my friends and community members - choose Linux supported HW and your Linux journey will be smooth(er) :slight_smile:

I’m feeling endlessly grateful for your hard work and dedication in giving all us OS and SW which respects our privacy and provides us all alternatives (including Fedora’s derivatives) to major proprietary OSes and SW.

Artūras B.