Post Length for Chinese posts

Continuing the discussion from Should we change the minimum characters required to post?:

It seems the system is counting one Chinese word as one Character.

It will make a suitable length limit for, say English, can be too long for Chinese contents.

This applies to both Subject and body.

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Hmmm. I doubt there is a good way to do this without changing it globally. What would be reasonable limits for Chinese posts?

Before Unicode , one Chinese word is a double byte character.

Hence Subject can be 8 Chinese words and body can be 25 Chinese words.

I know some forums will not set a special limit for Chinese as the platform do not have an easy way to do so.

Yeah, this one doesn’t have a way to distinguish. What limit would be a reasonable one? I don’t think we have a huge problem with posts being too short in English, so we could consider changing it globally to make it make sense for logographic scripts.

8 Chinese words in Subject and 25 in Body.

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood before. Yeah, let’s go ahead and try that!

Note there is also this setting:

and I’ve left it at 10 because of the note that “non-english [characters] count for more”. Please let me know how that works with short but reasonable Chinese titles.


By trying to create a new topic, the lower limit I got are the same for English and Chinese character counts.

Title: 8
Body: 25

The min of 10 “entropy” is not the same of text length. And Chinese and English counted the same in my simple test wtih: