Need help from someone fluent in Chinese — what's the right text to use for tags for posts in this language?

As part of merging in Ask Fedora, we’re also simplifying that site’s mutli-language categories to one “Ask in Other Languages”, with tags for the different languages. We’ve decided to name these tags in that language: español, italiano, فارسی. There are also chinese-simplified and chinese-traditional — and I haven’t heard from anyone how those should be properly written.

I don’t trust Google translate for this, because I don’t know how to tell it the nuance of “I want the term for the language in however it should be grammatically expressed properly to be a tag”. What should these be?


I recommend to keep using chinese-simplified & chinese-traditional . (There are arguements on using 正體Vs繁體)

If really want to use Chinese:

chinese-simplified 简体中文
chinese-traditional 正體中文 繁體中文
(using 正體 for display, add 繁體 as alias, or vice versa)

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Thank you! I don’t want to be inconsistent with what we’re doing with Spanish, Italian, and Persian. But I also respect your recommendation — is there a particular reason to make these different?

At the very beginning, 繁體中文 is used in all major Chinese word processing systems.

Then someone said 繁體 is the original writing, and simplified is the new invention. So the original should be called 正體 (正確means correct).

Some even said Simplified should be 殘體(殘缺 mean non complete)

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Ah, I understand now. Using the English sidesteps the disagreement. Makes sense.